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Advisory & Placement Services

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Jobcenter helps people looking for a job or apprenticeship, re-entering the workforce or enhancing their skills – these are the key services provided along with benefits to secure livelihoods.

We can provide you with information and assistance in finding a suitable job or apprenticeship. If you aren’t able to start work right away due to personal circumstances, we can offer support.

Jobcenter will guide you on your path to employment with a personalised approach. Our case managers offer comprehensive advice. They will let you know which support options are available to you.

Get into contact!

Call the hotline for your local office at any time to book an appointment.

Have you already registered with us? If so, you can use our e-services around the clock.

How we can help you:

Personal advice

First, you will need to apply for services we offer, which we then need to approve. A service must be applied for before the grant period begins, as costs will not be retroactively reimbursed.

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