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As a joint institute between the federal government and local authorities, we are tasked with ensuring the basic security of jobseekers (citizen´s income (Bürgergeld) as per SGB II) in Hamburg.

Our employees secure livelihoods and open up doors to the labour market. They are responsible for keeping the promises made by the German welfare state to support its citizens in need with benefits to secure their livelihood and integrate them in the economy, society and culture on a daily basis in Hamburg.

The Managing Director and Board of Trustees are in charge of making decisions for the joint institute.

Daily operations are primarily managed by the Management Board. The Federal Employment Agency and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg are the sponsors and principals behind the constructive collaboration, which accounts for the local circumstances in the city state of Hamburg. In addition, the Advisory Board assists with the governance of Jobcenter


The managing director of Jobcenter is Dirk Heyden. He is responsible for the overall management of the Jobcenter and for representing it both in an out of court. The managing director is supported by six specialist heads of department with regard to meeting the Jobcenter’s statutory obligations along with its management and governance. These departmental heads are Oliver Weiße – deputy managing director – and Sören Schülke, Babett Blindert, Cathrin Bröcker, Britta Stuhlmacher and Thomas Steiger.

The extended management board is responsible for daily operations and the completion of professional tasks, along with managing and governing local offices and departments. It receives support from dedicated taskforces (management support, controlling, public relations), the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Data Protection Officer and the Budget Officer in performing its managerial and governance tasks.

Board of Trustees

Aside from the managing director, the Board of Trustees is also responsible for making decisions regarding the joint institute. The Hamburg Employment Agency and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg are equally represented on the board.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for making decisions in relation to organisational, HR management, employment law and employee legal affairs. In addition, the local labour market and integration programme is coordinated between the individual trustees on the Board of Trustees.

Both trustees are in charge of the lawful and suitable provision of benefits by the joint institute for their respective jurisdiction in accordance with the second book of the German Social Code.

Arne Dornquast (Head of the District Office for Labour and Inclusion) is the chairman of the Board of Trustees, with Sönke Fock (chairman of the Management Board at the Hamburg Employment Agency) acting as deputy chairman.

Advisory board

The local advisory board promotes the societal dialogue and cross-sectoral partnerships between local players and the Jobcenter at a regional level. Members of the advisory board include experts in local labour and social policy: social partners, social welfare organisations, associations and professional organisations. The advisory board provides suggestions and recommendations and adopts positions on all major decisions made by the Jobcenter. In particular, it advises on the development of the local labour market and integration programme of basic security benefits for jobseekers.

At present, Thomas Fröhlich (CEO of Vereinigung der Unternehmensverbände in Hamburg und Schleswig Holstein e.V.) is chairman of the advisory board, with  Tanja Chawla (chairwoman of the German Trade Union Confederation in Hamburg) acting as deputy chairwoman.

Organisational chart

Take a look at our organisational chart to learn more about the organisation, structure and allocation of tasks at Jobcenter

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