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I need the main application form for Unemployment Benefit II. I am unable to find the form for continued entitlement? Which form should I use to apply for periods of absence from my residence? You can find links for all necessary application forms, guides on filling in forms and leaflets on the topic of Unemployment Benefit II here. Explanatory videos published by the Federal Employment Agency also offer useful tips on completing application documents.

Forms and pre-printed forms

Whether you need to submit the main application form, inform us of a change in your situation, apply for continued benefits or let us know you won’t be at your residence for a certain period, you can download all forms/pre-printed application forms, leaflets and guides on completing the forms on the Federal Employment Agency website.

Click here to download the main application for Unemployment Benefit II as a fillable PDF document.

Leaflets and guides on completing forms

Click here to download tips on completing the main application form for Unemployment Benefit II.

Information on basic security benefits is available in German, Arabic, Bulgarian, English, Farsi, French, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian.

The brochure ‘Quick guide to key terms related to the basic security benefit for jobseekers’ is available in German, English and Arabic.


Explanatory video

The explanatory videos provide guidance on understanding and correctly completing applications and communications from Jobcenter Click on the corresponding link for a step-by-step guide on what you need to do.

Videos on applying for Unemployment Benefit II

Step-by-step guide to completing the main application.

(Explanatory video is available in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian. Select the language using the flag icon on the video.)

Upload your application, documents and supporting documents and send digitally.

Quick guide to the approval notice for Unemployment Benefit II

Videos on documents that need to be submitted along with the main application

These explanatory videos are available in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian. Select the language using the flag icon on the video.

How do I complete appendix KI for my children?

How do I complete appendix WEP for my partner?

How do I complete appendix EK regarding my income?

Videos on the e-service

Submit application for continued benefits online

Send message using inbox service

Jobcenter at a glance

Find out what happens in appointments at the Jobcenter: This explanatory video is available in German, English, French and Arabic.

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