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Citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld), the basic security benefit for jobseekers, is a state-funded social benefit designed to secure the financial sustenance and consequently the livelihoods of those without adequate funds at their disposal.

Jobcenter is responsible for citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld) in Hamburg. In order to make sure your matter is addressed promptly and in a service-oriented manner, our offices are located throughout the entire Hamburg city area.

We provide help in the form of:

  • advice and services to secure livelihoods and
  • advice and services to help people find a job or apprenticeship.

We aim to strengthen people in need of assistance in Hamburg to finance their own livelihoods and those of their familiar from their own funds and work.

Who is eligible to receive citizen´s benefit?

Every person without adequate funds capable of working and in need of assistance is entitled to apply for the citizen´s benefit to secure the livelihood of themselves and their family – their dependants. Eligibility doesn’t depend on whether the person is unemployed or employed. Unemployment is not a mandatory requirement to receive Bürgergeld.

People eligible to receive citizen´s benefit:

  • must be at least 15 years old;
  • must not receive pension payments, as they have not yet reached the standard retirement age (between 65 and 67 years old);
  • must be capable of employment, meaning they can work for at least 3 hours each day;
  • must be in need of assistance, meaning that they are unable to secure the livelihoods of themselves and their household through their income, savings or other social security benefits, for example;
  • must live in Germany.

Who is not entitled to receive citizen´s benefit?

According to the second book of the German Social Code (SGB II), the following people are not entitled to Bürgergeld:

  • people who receive pension payments or are entitled to these payments;
  • people who have stayed at an inpatient facility (e.g. a hospital) for a period exceeding six months;
  • detainees;
  • people who have applied for asylum and do not possess a work permit;
  • EU citizens who moved to Germany to look for a job and are unemployed;
  • people who are not capable of employment.

People who are not capable of employment may receive other social assistance. If you have any questions regarding your entitlement to social assistance or basic security benefits in old age or following a reduction in earning capacity, please get in touch with the social services office responsible for you, i.e. the Office for Basic Security and Social Services.

Apprentices, students and pupils of non-general education schools are generally not entitled to receive citizen´s benefit as they are entitled to claim education grants [BAföG] or a vocational training allowance.

Do you have any questions? – Feel free to get in touch

Our ServiceCenter will respond promptly to any general questions regarding citizen´s benefit and get back to you with a clear, straightforward response.

You can receive more information on the benefits you are entitled to receive by visiting the Jobcenter responsible for your case.

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