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Do you require assistance with apprenticeships?

A wide range of jobs and apprenticeships are available in Hamburg. But which apprenticeship is the right one for you? Starting your career may involve making many important decisions.

As part of the Hamburg Youth Employment Agency (YEA) we actively help you look for an apprenticeship and provide guidance. You will work together with your personal case manager to develop tailored strategies to help you achieve your goals. We help you start and successfully complete vocational training.

Faced with other obstacles on the path to an apprenticeship? Do you need to account for familial issues, health matters or have recently arrived in Germany? We will help you find a solution to your personal issues. You can speak openly to us.

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Visit the Hamburg Youth Employment Agency website to check out available options and events to help and guide you in your search for an apprenticeship.

The Check-U guidance tool identifies your personal strengths, what you’re capable of and what you’re interested in. Getting started with Check-U: Log in if you already have a user account for the Federal Employment Agency or create a new account.

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How do I find out which Youth Employment Agency office in Hamburg is responsible for my case? Use the location search feature.

If you receive benefits from the Jobcenter either directly or through your parents, you can also use our e-services around the clock.

We can provide the following assistance

Keep on reading to find out which specific support options we can provide. This list is not exhaustive.

Company-independent apprenticeships

Instead of doing your apprenticeship at a company, complete the majority of your training with an education provider. Experienced educators and social education workers will guide and assist you. You will attend vocational school like all apprentices.

We provide support with company-independent apprenticeships if:

  • You did not obtain a school-leaving qualification, received bad grades, or
  • an apprenticeship you had already started was cancelled.

Vocational preparatory training

It can often be hard to find an apprenticeship if you haven’t obtained a school-leaving qualification or left school with bad grades. We aren’t concerned with how this situation came about, but how we can work together to improve it. The programme involves several internships at various companies with classes to optimally equip you to start a professional apprenticeship.

The training generally takes up to 10 months.

This gives you the opportunity to improve your abilities for your apprenticeship and therefore increase your opportunities for starting your career. We work with you to find a path tailored to you and provide guidance throughout the entire process.

Vocational preparatory training is particularly suitable if you:

  • are no longer of compulsory school age and have not yet got a place for an apprenticeship;
  • have not received a school-leaving certificate (which you can obtain during programme) or;
  • you lost your apprenticeship place and want to take a different approach.

Entry-level vocational qualification

The entry-level vocational qualification is a long-term internship at a company that takes on apprentices. This will give you the opportunity to get an insight into the profession and company, helping you learn the requirements you can expect in an apprenticeship and your future career. First and foremost, it allows you to demonstrate your capabilities and potentially land an apprenticeship at the end.

The entry-level vocational qualification may be between 6 to 12 months in length.

Why do an entry-level vocational qualification?

  • You conclude an internship agreement with the company. The company pays you a monthly intern salary.
  • You are covered by social security for the duration of the entry-level vocational qualification.
  • You can complete the entry-level vocational qualification either full-time or part-time for at least 20 hours each week if you need to care for your own children or family members.
  • The company will provide a reference at the end of your training. You will also receive a certification for the qualifications you have received from the Chamber of Trade or Commerce (on request). Both documents are important for applications you submit in the future.

If you start an apprenticeship in the same field after your entry-level vocational qualification, the duration of your apprenticeship may be shortened.

Which criteria do I need to fulfil?

  • You have completed mandatory general education, but not yet completed an apprenticeship,
  • know which profession you want to work in
  • and haven’t yet gotten an apprenticeship placement.

How can I apply for a place for the entry-level vocational qualification?

You should first contact your personal case manager at your local Youth Employment Agency office. They will explain the requirements that need to be met to receive assistance and provide guidance along with other YEA partners with looking for companies that offer entry-level vocational qualifications.

You are free to choose the company you want to complete your qualification at and contact them yourself. Once you and the company submit an application for an entry-level qualification, we can review the situation and support or guide you, if necessary.

Assisted vocational training

Have you already found an apprenticeship or are you currently in the midst of one and have found certain aspects particularly tough? Or are you completing an entry-level qualification and it isn’t going particularly well? We can help you with these issues with the help of an education provider, who will assign an officer to you and your company. This person is responsible for mediating between you and your company, maintaining a dialogue with the vocational school or Chamber of Trade or Commerce, and finding opportunities for you and your training company to start a successful career.

In addition, assisted training helps with:

  • reducing language problems or educational shortcomings;
  • promoting theoretical skills, knowledge and capabilities;
  • fixing the vocational training relationship.

How can I apply for assisted vocational training?

You should first contact your personal case manager at your local Youth Employment Agency office, who will let you know the requirements for this programme.

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