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Equal opportunities on the labour market

The Officer for Equal Opportunities on the Labour Market will advise you on issues related to equality between men and women on the labour market and the compatibility of work and family if you receive benefits from the Jobcenter.

The Equal Opportunities Officer is the person to contact if you have any questions related to returning to work, flexitime (including for apprenticeships), qualifications and training, work-life balance and other work-related topics. She provides information, advises and supports jobseekers (particularly people with familiar obligations, e.g. (single) parents or carers), companies, employers and employee associations along with institutions and networks that work in the field of work-life compatibility.

Equal Opportunities Officer for the local area

The Equal Opportunities Officer hosts informational events on professional opportunities and options for (re-)entering the workforce available to parents at local associations and counselling centres. If you would be interested in booking an event for your organisation, please arrange a personal meeting.

Our Equal Opportunities Officer´s are Maria Lys und Henrik Wedekind. You can reach Maria and Henrik

by calling

Maria Lys:                +49 40 60098 209

Henrik Wedekind: +49 40 60098 178

or by sending an email to

Additional information

Visit the Perspektive Wiedereinstieg [in German only] website, or the website of the Federal Employment Agency [in German only] for more tips and information on re-entering the workforce and balancing your career, family and care obligations.

The Family Portal offers useful information on family matters.

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