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Citizen´s Benefit (Bürgergeld)

Submit a first-time application

Do you want to submit a first-time application for benefits granted under SGB II (citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld))? Read on to find out how to get in touch with us, which forms you need to complete and which documents need to be submitted.

If you can pay for your living expenses and only part of the rent or housing costs through your own income, you could be entitled to housing benefit. The prerequisite is that the living space is used by the owner. With the housing benefit calculator, you can already check without obligation whether you are entitled to housing benefit.

You can apply for the citizen’s benefit easily and conveniently online.

In order to help us process your application and pay benefits as quickly as possible, all necessary documents need to be submitted. If you complete the application and supporting documents by hand, please make sure your writing is legible. Don’t forget to sign the application and supporting documents.

Have you already got a client number? Please always include it.

If you provide a phone number, we’ll be able to get in touch quickly and easily for any queries.

We kindly ask for your understanding if this list does not apply to you in all points or if we require additional documents in your individual cases.

Step-by-step guide to submitting a first-time application

Note: Please do not send original documents. Copies or scanned documents are sufficient.

  • Please fill in the main application form as the applicant:

    All information must solely pertain to you. Please pay attention to any additional text in green in the main application form. These sections provide explanations and information on required documentation or other forms.

    Tips for completing the application form for citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld) (Ukrainian, Russian and English)

  • We require the following documents for each additional member of your household:

    • Valid ID or official replacement document including a photograph;
    • Residence permit/residence permit extension certificate [Fiktionsbescheinigung], if necessary;
    • Proof of registration if your current residential address is not stated on your ID document;
    • A birth certificate and registration certificate for children who do not yet possess a passport;
    • Health insurance card;
    • Social security card;
    • Bank account/card information;
    • Bank account statements for the past three months (every bank account, including PayPal);
    • Disabled person’s pass or disability certificate [Feststellungsbescheid], if you or a member of your household are severely disabled.
  • Please complete appendix WEP for every additional person over the age of 15:

    In contrast to the main application form, the information in appendix WEP pertains to each additional person for whom you are applying for Citizen´s income (Bürgergeld), e.g. your partner or child of legal age.

    You need to sign appendix WEP as the main applicant. The persons stated in the appendix do not need to provide their signatures.

  • Please complete appendix KI for every additional person under the age of 15:

    If children under the age of 15 live in your household, please complete appendix KI for each child. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the children in question are your biological children or your partner’s children.

    You also need to sign this pre-printed form as the main applicant.

  • Please complete appendix KDU for your housing costs:

    Jobcenter may cover your housing costs (rent, bills incl. water and heating) if they are deemed reasonable. In this scenario, reasonable means that your place of residence is not too big or expensive.

    Please submit corresponding supporting documentation along with appendix KDU.

    If you rent, you will need to submit:

    • your lease or subletting agreement, documentation to verify your current rent amount along verification on how much your bills and heating cost;
    • verification on your anticipated water payments, provided this isn’t listed in the lease;
    • if you are living in a short-term rental (e.g. lodging or a hotel): notice of fixed costs.

    If you own property:

    • documents to verify household costs, tax assessment notification, statement of maintenance costs and proof of how much you pay for heating;
    • documents stating how much you pay for hot water, if billed separately.

    If you incur any costs for accommodation beyond the above constellations, please provide supporting documentation when submitting your application.

    On request, Jobcenter can directly pay your rent to the landlord. In this case, please complete the Direct transfer order: Information letter and declaration of consent form and submit it along with your application.

  • If you or a person in your benefits community are in possession of considerable available assets, complete appendix VM:

    If the total sum of the available assets exceeds EUR 40,000, you will not be entitled to claim citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld). An upper limit of EUR 15,000 applies for each additional person.

    Available assets include, for example, savings accounts, available balances in current accounts, life and pension insurance policies, building loan contracts, house and residential properties, jewellery or property along with cars you own, etc.

    If you have ticked Yes for point 7 in the main application form, please complete appendix VM for every person.

    Please also submit corresponding supporting documents, for example:

    • account statements for savings accounts;
    • the policy and current statement of the cash-in value for life and pension insurance policies;
    • the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part II) and car insurance documents for cars;
    • an excerpt from the land register and a current valuation certificate;
    • documents stating the size of the property and current value for residential property.

    We will contact you if we require additional documents.

  • Please complete appendix EK for every person over the age of 15:

    Income does not just cover income from work (full-time, part-time, mini-jobs) but also child and parental allowances, child support, pensions, housing benefit, education grants, apprenticeship pay and other income support payments from relatives.

    Please also submit corresponding supporting documents:

    • proof of all income received at present;
    • notification for child allowance, parental allowance, housing benefit, education grants, unemployment benefits, etc.;
    • supporting documents for child support payments (for example account statements or cash receipts).
  • If you are self-employed or work as a freelancer, please complete annex EKS:

    Appendix EKS makes sure that income from self-employment is taken into account for the preliminary and final decision on the calculation of benefits.

    If you have private health insurance, please complete appendix SV.

  • If you live with your partner but you are not married, please complete appendix VE:

    Appendix VE is necessary as, compared to a marriage, there is no official documentation to confirm a relationship.

  • If you live with other relatives, please complete annex HG:

    Relatives include your grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews or distant relatives. If you are married and/or have your own children, or are over the age of 25, relatives also include your parents.

    Please complete appendix HG for each additional person living in your household.

    Supporting documents are not required. Please don’t forget to sign the pre-printed forms yourself.

  • If you require additional assistance due to your particular circumstance:

    In certain situations, the normal requirement does not suffice. Accordingly, you may be entitled to additional assistance.

    People entitled to additional assistance are:

    • expectant mothers (after the 13th week of pregnancy);
    • single parents who look after a minor;
    • people who require special food on medical grounds (please complete appendix MEB);
    • people with disabilities can also receive additional assistance in certain cases;
    • additional hot water requirements.

    You will be required to provide supporting documents to verify that you satisfy the requirements.

  • How to submit your application for citizen´s benefit to Jobcenter

    The application for citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld) can be

    • submitted online using the e-service,
    • by email,
    • or by mail to the Jobcenter office responsible for your case (location search (every office also has a freely accessible letter box).

    You can book an appointment online to submit a first-time application.

  • Other information and forms:

    All appendixes, forms and leaflets are available to download from the Federal Employment Agency download center.

    We recommend watching explanatory videos released by the Federal Employment Agency if you have any further questions related to your application.

    Alternatively, you can also give us a call or book an appointment online.

    Click here for information on transitioning from Unemployment Benefit to citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld).

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