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When life gets on top of you

Are you currently going through a difficult time? Do you have debts? Are you under emotional distress or is your living situation problematic? Difficult phases in life can often make it harder to start work, or prevent it altogether. The Case Management team at Jobcenter can help you find solutions and head in a new direction. Qualified case managers offer intensive counselling to work on improving your situation together.

In addition to providing assistance with finding a job and granting benefits, Case Management is another service offered by Jobcenter

Our case managers will guide you step by step on the path to your goals. Case Management counselling is voluntary. After the initial session, you can decide whether you want to continue.

The Case Management team can provide counselling if

  • you receive citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld),
  • your difficult situation prevents you from starting a job, and
  • you actively want to change your situation.

We can work on the following issues together

  • debts
  • family problems
  • physical and mental illnesses or distress
  • personal crises (e.g. divorce, death, burnout)
  • homelessness or the threat of homelessness
  • addiction (e.g. drugs, alcohol, gaming/social media)
  • violence
  • parenting or childcare
  • new perspectives

We offer you support and guidance – advice and relief

We work together to find solutions to your problems. We explore which skills and potential you bring to the table, what you can achieve yourself, where you require support and which network partners can help you further.

Network partners include:

  • situational counselling from various providers
  • Health and social counselling provided by hamburger arbeit
  • Various addiction counselling centres and clinics in Hamburg
  • Assistance for the homeless
  • Various debt advisory services
  • Community social work for adolescents and young adults

How can I get in touch?

Personally: Get in touch with your local case manager in Benefits or Employment Services – they will put you in contact with the Case Management team.

In writing: Let the office responsible for your case know you want to get in touch with the Case Management team – we’ll then set up a dialogue.

By phone: Call the ServiceCenter on +49 40 2485 1444 and let them know you want to get in touch.

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