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Find a job that’s right for you

Did you know you might be a few clicks away from a job in your field? In addition to personal advice, placement options and financial assistance, we provide additional help looking for a job online.

Looking for a job

  • Job search

    Use the job search tool provided by Federal Employment Agency to look for a job or apprenticeship in your field. The search contains current job posts in various fields, including hospitality, logistics and sales. You can also create your own applicant profile and an application portfolio and apply online.

    Want to learn more about the application process? Click here to visit the job search provided by the Federal Employment Agency.

  • New Plan

    Do you want to acquire new skills in your profession or go in a different direction?

    Use the online guidance tool New Plan for inspiration on new professional opportunities and finding suitable training courses.

    Learn more about your personal skills, obtain quick and uncomplicated career advice or learn more about potential training options.

  • Private employment services

    You may opt to use private employment services to increase your chances of finding permanent employment. Private employment services look for a suitable job for you and therefore increase your chances of being hired. 

    Who pays for this service?

    We can issue you a voucher to help cover the costs of private employment services that you can use for the private employment service of your choice.

    The following criteria need to be satisfied in order to receive a voucher:

    • you have applied for a voucher from your personal contact at the employment agency and received approval before using a private employment service;
    • the selected private employment service needs to be certified and;
    • the job found by the private employment service must be subject to social security contributions. Mini-jobs are not covered by vouchers.

    Note: This grant constitutes a discretionary payment, meaning you are not legally entitled to receive it.

    How can I get advice?

    Please contact your case manager in employment services at the Jobcenter to receive personal advice.

    You can use any of the following options to get in touch with us:

    • You can write a message to your personal case manager directly via the job search,
    • book an appointment by calling the hotline for the location responsible for you, or
    • arrange an appointment through the ServiceCenter (free of charge).
  • Did you know?

    There are other ways you can look for a job.

    Jobs and apprenticeships are often advertised in daily newspapers, weekly papers and online platforms.

    You can also often find job posts on company websites.

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